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Practice for the Reynolds Test ™ (Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales ™ or RIAS ™ Test)

OVER 50,000 Practice Questions for Gifted and Talented and Private School Admissions Testing, including the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales or RIAS test. Available instantly – all online!

Can your child answer the practice question for the Reynolds Test below?

reynolds test practice questions


The items here go together in some way. But one item doesn’t belong. Point to the one item that doesn’t belong with this group. Answer: 2nd figure over the bubble – the line for the “L” is on the bottom [3rd grade Odd Man Out practice question]


The Reynolds Intelligence test or RIAS Assessment is brief, individually administered intelligence test used as a measure of verbal and non-verbal intelligence. The RIAS test is often used by itself to qualify children for a gifted program. Sometimes it is given as a “pre-qualifier.” A child who does very well on the Reynolds Intelligence Test may then be invited to go on for more thorough testing, in many cases with a complete IQ test. There are three scores for the Reynolds Test – the RIAS Verbal score, the RIAS Non-Verbal score, and the RIAS Memory score. 

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