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Best Methods for PARCC Test Prep

When it comes to preparing your child for the PARCC test, there is an array of materials and methods that the student can focus on. The key is to identify the method(s) that works best for the students learning style.

Use the Student’s School Curriculum as a Study Guide!

Fortunately, many of the content areas are derived from the child’s Mathematics and English Language Arts curriculum. Therefore, it is best that the student uses past homework assignments, classwork, and exams as study tools. Especially when it comes to the material that they may struggle more with. For example, if your child comes home with a reading comprehension assignment, transform this work into vocabulary prep. Go through the passage with your child, and identify the vocabulary words that they may be unable to define. Take these tricky words and turn them into flash cards. Place the vocabulary word on the front and the definition on the back. This is just one example of how the student can alter their past assignments so that they fit a study guide format.

Use Practice Questions

We offer over 2,000 practice questions for the PARCC test, as well as over 100,000 questions for other tests. To get a sample of our questions, sign up for our 100 free questions.

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Make use of the PARCC Pearson Practice Tests

During the study process, it is recommended that the student attempts several practice tests in their chosen subject area. If your child visits they will discover practice tests in both English Language Arts/Literacy, as well as Mathematics. The site offers practice tests that span from grade three to grade 11. The student will receive the full practice exam, as well as the full bubble sheet. Print out the exam as well as the bubble sheet in order to achieve a realistic testing experience. When the child is completing the practice test, refrain from helping them during the process. If they ask for help, encourage them to try and do their best. This will help to reinforce for them a sense of confidence and self assurance. After all, you will not be there on the day of the exam.

Review the answer key and the Model Questions

Once the student has completed the practice test, have them go back to check their answers against the answer key. Encourage them to mark the questions that they got wrong. This way they can go back to re-attempt the question. Additionally, examining student model responses is a fantastic way to review student work. These sample questions will also allow them to understand what the student scored on each question. This way they can gain an understanding of the PARCC grading model.

Examine the Sample Items

If your child wants to gain additional practice, they can visit the “Partnership Resource Center” on the website. This page is referred to as the “Released Items” section. On this page, students can do selective searches. For example, the student can look for “literary analysis, narrative writing, and even algebra 1” practice sets. There are also guides for understanding scoring as well student model responses.

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