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What is the WISC Test?

The WISC®-V (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children®, Fifth Edition) is an IQ test administered to children ages 6 and above by school districts and psychologists. The objective of the exam is to understand whether or not a child is gifted, as well as to determine the student’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Subtests included on the WISC®-V may be given online or one-on-one using manipulatives, depending on the reason your child is being assessed; typically, the full exam takes 65-80 minutes, depending on the number of primary and secondary subtests given. If your child is taking the WISC®-V in order to qualify for admission into a gifted program or private school, your district or Independent School Organization will indicate which subtests all applicants must take. In most cases, either the 10 Primary Scale subtests or 7 Primary – Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) subtests are given for determining eligibility for admission into these programs.

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The WISC®-V includes 10 Primary Scale/Full Scale IQ subtest types:

  • Verbal Comprehension – Similarities (Primary/FSIQ)
  • Verbal Comprehension – Vocabulary (Primary/FSIQ)
  • Visual Spatial – Block Design (Primary/FSIQ)
  • Fluid Reasoning – Matrix Reasoning (Primary/FSIQ)
  • Fluid Reasoning – Figure Weights (Primary/FSIQ)
  • Working Memory – Digit Span (Primary/FSIQ)
  • Processing Speed – Coding (Primary/FSIQ)
  • Visual Spatial – Visual Puzzles (Primary)
  • Working Memory – Picture Span (Primary)
  • Processing Speed – Symbol Search (Primary)

Since it’s an intelligence test, the WISC-V is either given one-on-one or online and doesn’t require any reading or writing skills.

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5 Responses

Caro says:

Is it possible to sign up for my son to take the WISC test in NYC, as he needs a score in order to apply for a private school we are applying to. If so, what are some locations and what is the cost?
Thank you! Caroline

TestingMom.com says:

Hi Caroline – you’ll need to contact the private schools you are applying to and see what test they take for admissions. Some accept the WISC test while others do the ISEE. Some do their own. It now varies from school to school. Thank you!

Saad says:

hi we are in Christchurch.
how we can arrange a test for our son who needs to start his school in sydney next year.


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[…] psychological evaluation consists of an intelligence quotient (IQ) test, usually a Wechsler-based test that looks at intellectual functioning (WPPSI, WISC-V or WAIS-IV). A full scale IQ is the sum of […]

davegide94 says:

Just purchase Wechsler IQ test, the pro Guide intelligence test for Children. How do get the psychometric properties in order to test their reliability for de Research am working on. Please reply. The test only contain the answers, no.scoring. How do score the children, to know the borderline. Please, i.need an.answer..