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How I Work With Kids
  • My approach to working with kids is to ask a lot of questions. In the early sessions, I ask questions to find out what their interests are and how they feel about certain activities so that I can adapt lessons, activities, and games to incorporate their interests. Then, when we get into lessons and activities, I use questions to guide students to think through what they know, what they need to find out, and what processes or tools they can use to find answers and solve problems. Finally, after a bit of time, I ask students questions to have them reflect on their learning and raise their awareness of their own thought processes and their growing knowledge and skills.
Educational Background, Degrees, Licenses
  • Educator Certificate, Grades 1-6, MA
  • Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education & Math/Computer Science for Education
  • Graduate Studies for Secondary Mathematics Education (non-degree)
  • Graduate Studies in Instructional Design and E-Learning (non-degree)
  • Coursework in Web Design & Development (non-degree)
  • Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Speaking Examiner Certification for Cambridge English First (FCE), Advanced (CAE), and Proficiency (CPE)
  • Speaking Examiner Training Coordinator Certification
  • Certificate in English Language Teaching (ELT)
  • Member, American Mensa
  • Private Teacher/Tutor – November 2005 to present
  • Mathematics Tutor – Community College, Fall 2014 to 2015
  • University Assistant/Statistics Tutor – February to May 2006
  • Director of Education – Sylvan Learning Center, March to November 2005
  • Teacher – 1st Grade, 2001-2004
  • EFL/ESL Teaching, Exam Administration, and School Administration – 7 years
  • Core Teacher of ESOL – 5 years
  • EFL Teacher in Japan – Grades 1-6
What Parents Say
  • “Bridget was a wonderful tutor for our two daughters! She spent a lot of extra time preparing for the tutoring sessions so that when the hour arrived, it was extremely productive. As an added benefit to teaching our kids math, she was also able to establish a fun and nice relationship with them so that they felt extremely comfortable with her and were able to thrive. I would highly recommend her to anyone whose children might need a little extra help!” — parent
  • “I can confidently say that I would be nowhere near where I am today without Bridget's tutelage. She is kind, compassionate, thoughtful, brilliant, and caring. She helped me to grasp concepts that I never thought I'd be able to, and always treated myself and my family with complete kindness and respect. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.” —former tutoring student
  • “Bridget was my tutor for several years when I was in middle school, struggling to learn arithmetic and algebra. She was always a patient, kind, and passionate teacher who clearly cared about my progress. She made it a point to tailor my sessions towards my interests...and explained in terms I could understand. I credit her significantly for fostering in me an understanding of mathematics that more or less enabled me to pursue my current career (which I love) in mechanical engineering.” —former tutoring student
  • Bridget is an exceptional math teacher.  She is very patient and kind, but she also knows when to puch a child to challenge them.  The one-on-one lessons enabled her to notice gaps in our child's math and she filled those gaps.  She also added new material that was more challenging, which would not have been possible in a traditional class setting with a class full of kids.
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