Chris H's Bio

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How I Work With Kids
  • I work with students by establishing rapport while implementing structure.
  • I find interests, themes, and innovative materials that help my students love learning!
  • I accommodate the various needs of all types of learners to guide them to successful outcomes.
Educational Background, Degrees, Licenses
  • Early Childhood Education (PreK-3rd Grade)
  • Master of Science in Education, Bachelor of Science in Sport Management
  • Professional Educator’s License with ESOL Certification and Reading Endorsement
  • Taught early elementary grades for 10 years, primarily 3rd Grade
  • Tutored students of all ability levels, ages 3-10
  • Experienced working with children in recreational and sports settings
What Parents Say

''We are very grateful that you gave him these G&T lessons. We can see remarkable progress in him thanks to your lessons - in his capabilities as well as confidence level. We feel these lessons are so useful irrespective of exam-prep situations. Thank you for your time and energy in investing in our child's growth.''

''He passed all the test sections (including the Torrance) and will begin gifted services in January. Thank you so much for all your help! We greatly appreciate it!''

"Wanted you to know he did really well on the iReady. Thank you so much for working with him. It helped a TON!"

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