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How I Work With Kids


  • Promote student success through positive student interactions while building and maintaining trusting relationships.
  • Engage students and enhance understanding through multiple tools including props and games while fostering critical thinking and creativity.
  • Provide timely and thorough feedback to parents regarding the progress of their students and giving suggestions for further enrichment.
Educational Background, Degrees, Licenses
  • B.A. History
  • TESOL Certified
  • World History Teacher
  • VIPKid ESL Tutoring Online, 4 years
  • Homeschool Teacher, 6+ years
  • Photograph Historian
  • Private Flute and Tuba Teacher, 9+ years
  • Swim Teacher/Coach and Team Manager, 2+ years
What Parents Say


  • “Responsible, patient, and good at guiding children. The only teacher my daughter wants to work with.”
  • “Teacher Jamie is energetic and has helped my son make a lot of progress. He has become more and more fluent in speaking sentences.”
  • “Encouraging and affirming. I am very happy that Teacher Jamie is such an excellent teacher.”
  • “Careful, patient, responsible teacher. After your guidance and training, my child is constantly improving, and speaking more and more.”
  • “Thank you for the patient guidance with my daughter. You are always charming and a teacher who can always make my daughter enjoy her English class. She has made great progress under your help and guidance.”
  • Tutor Jamie is very good, my child likes the 30mins class with her every week. She communicated with me every week after the class, gave a class summary and some homework  for practice.
  • We are delighted with tutor Jamie. She is very patient and professional. After a few sessions with Jamie, my daughter has made significant progress with her writing. She continues enjoying learning with Tutor Jamie. We are grateful for the assistance from TestingMom to make our homeschooling more fulfilling.
  • Jamie is incredible! She really connects with Sona, always beginning every session with some casual conversation and then quickly moving into the work ahead. Jamie is very patient and encouraging. She makes the "work" seem like fun and that motivates Sona to do her best. Jamie makes Sona feel good about how much she's learning and improving. And Jamie is just very kind--the kind of person you want working with your child.
  • Jamie is an excellent tutor, and I am seeing big improvements in my son's understanding of problems on the tests. She also very patient and makes my son feel very comfortable. In addition, she spends time after each session and gives me very detailed feedback, that I really appreciate.
  • I have only good things to say about Jamie, my grandson’s tutor. She is very patient and goes out of her way to make Drew comfortable, by engaging him in conversation before starting each session. She provides extra practice for him to do over the week. She listens to my concerns and addresses his lessons accordingly. I thank her for all the help she is giving my grandson.
  • Tutor Jaime works with our son. She is an absolute gem! Her expertise really comes across! She has a wonderful, positive demeanor, coming off as very friendly and encouraging; this goes a long way in having our son do his practicing for the test. We are very grateful to Jaime for making this such a fun experience for our son.
  • Thank you for the amazing job you are doing making government class so relevant to our current events in the world!! I'm so happy how Anjali is voicing her opinion on current events
  • Great experience: professional, knowledgeable, flexible and got the results.
  • Our daughter Alice has been a student at TestingMom for more than a year now. We do enjoy the lifetime membership with TestingMom, and find the resources provided to us via your website to be very useful. I wanted to reach out to you to provide you with my feedback based on our experience with one of your teachers - Jamie - If I tell you that we are very happy with Jamie's professionalism, expertise, personal and tutoring skills it would be a huge understatement. Jamie is simply amazing!  She captures Alice's attention from the first second, she knows how to make the session fun and practical at the same time, her explanations are straight to the point, and she always finds many different ways to deliver the reasoning for the problem solution (sometimes providing several completely different and innovative options). She is not just explaining the solution to any given problem, but at the same time she teaches how to solve problems in general. Alice was looking forward to every next session with Jamie.  Alice performed very well on both tests we were preparing for, and while we did spend a lot of time practicing ourselves using TestingMom resources Jamie's help was a very important factor in our success.
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