Kara 's Bio

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How I Work With Kids
  • I provide students with real world situations and strategies to both teach the importance of the material and the methods in which to solve. 
  • I individualize the curriculum for each student to assess their strengths and weaknesses and focus instruction on those areas, while reviewing all skills needed to ensure mastery. 
  • I provide an environment conducive to learning by providing structure and scaffolding to build students’ confidence in their own abilities, while guiding them towards independence. 
Educational Background, Degrees, Licenses
  • B.S. in Elementary Education
  • Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Certified Teacher Middle School and High School Math
  • Certified K-6 All Subjects
  • Highly Qualified Teacher Status
  • Homeschool Teacher 4 years
  • TESOL Endorsement 
  • 20+ years in education
  • Experienced Standardized Testing Subject Teacher – MAP/NWEA
  • Specialize in Reading, Writing, Math, and Cognitive Testing Strategies for Elementary and Middle School students
  • Online English Teacher (ages 4–12) English Language Learners
  • Student Government Sponsor 
  • Highly Qualified Endorsement
What Parents Say


  • Kara is simply the best!   Our experience with Kara has been wonderful! She is such a great teacher- kind, patient, diligent, and focused. Our child has made great strides in such a short period of time. We would highly recommend her!
  • “The kids love coming to class prepared and ready to get a brain workout with Ms. Kara. She is motivating and explains the concepts so everyone can understand while also challenging kids to explain the solutions back to her. After each class, four worksheets are sent via email for concept reinforcement. It is amazing to see how the lesson carries on in a relaxed manner and be able to look back at how much was covered.” 
  • “I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for your services over the past few months. My son has successfully tested into his charter school’s GT program (CogAT) and scored high enough on his MAP scores to get into the Northwestern University CTD program. Kara has been so patient with my son over the past few months, and he has blossomed so much academically.”
  • “The teacher is very attentive to each kid and approachable. You can see that she cares about teaching very much.”
  • "We are so pleased that she did well enough on the CogAT that she moved on to the next stage of GT assessment! We are very grateful to you for the work you did with her the last few days before testing. She definitely needed that positive experience with someone besides Mom!”
  • “I just got my son’s CogAT score and wanted to share it with you. He scored 99 in both quantitative and non-verbal and a 98 in verbal. He has qualified for the next phase in the fall once school reopens. Thank you for your coaching and guidance. We really appreciate it.”
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