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How I Work With Kids


  • I am skilled at finding different ways to explain a single concept. This allows me to use the explanation that best resonates with each child. I love seeing the lightbulb moment when a child grasps a new concept for the first time.
Educational Background, Degrees, Licenses
  • Bachelor of Science - Biology
  • Tutor - work primarily with middle school and high school students which includes children that are homeschooled as well as those that are enrolled in traditional school but need extra help with their homework or test prep (2016 – present)
  • ACT Test Prep – have helped improve scores by 5 points on a 36 point scale
  • Taught dance workshops throughout the Southeastern U.S., organized recreational classes, led competition teams for dancers ages 4 and up (10 years)
What Parents Say
  • “Maddie has the ability to quickly break down the steps required to get a project done.”
  • “Maddie is extremely articulate with both the spoken and written word.”
  • “Maddie is generally very direct in her communication.”
  • “My kids just love Maddie.”
  •  Maddie is patient and kind. My son found the math class challenging and fun.
  • Maddie always goes above and beyond! She has made such an amazing difference for my daughter.
  • My daughter loves to work with Maddie. Math is not my kid's strong subject, yet she is very at ease and enjoys learning with Maddie
  • Always wonderful to keep things personalized for my daughter!
  • I have been so pleased with testingmom.com, the online resources, and most importantly—the one on one tutoring. Maddie H. Has been amazing with my daughter! She pays close attention to her, learns her strengths and weaknesses, and has adapted her lessons thoughtfully. She has helped her excel on the CogAT and helped her push through the grade level curriculum to master it. It has made a world of difference in recovering from our time doing remote learning, and has created such confidence in my daughter. Can’t say enough great things about her and the one-on-one tutoring. We will continue to work with her going forward to support her learning!
  • Chloe loves teacher Maddie! Thank you, Maddie, for helping us archive the academic goals for our daughter and your ongoing support!
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