Marie 's Bio

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How I Work With Kids
  • I teach students how to apply and use strategies to answer and solve questions using games, chants, and songs.
  • I equip parents with resources and strategies to help their students at home.
  • I inspire a motivation for learning through a creative approach and encouraging environment incorporating praise and rewards.
Educational Background, Degrees, Licenses
  • B.S. Elementary Education
  • Early Childhood Library Specialist 
  • Teacher, New York Public School and Pennsylvania Private Schools - 18+ years
  • Special Education Classroom and Homeschooling Experience
  • Positive Parent Coach 
What Parents Say
  • “Excellent practice and preparation for advanced learning program. We signed up for our child’s CogAT and reading sessions two months before the exam. Ms. Marie created a plan for the sessions and was very helpful in keeping our daughter on track. Our daughter got accepted into the advanced learning program due to the preparation and practice she had with Ms. Marie. She found the sessions enjoyable and was eager for each session.”
  • “My son is a very bright child. We utilize Testingmom.com to help him enrich his learning goals with personal tutoring and self-guided skill building games. I was amazed at what my son knew and even more blown away by his growth and understanding while working through the program. We achieved very high scores on WPPSI. Our tutor, Marie, was amazing. I love the fact that this program will follow him throughout his educational career. Thank you, Tutor Marie and Testing Mom.”
  • “Marie is a fun and patient tutor who made a great connection with my shy daughter.”
  • We began tutoring with Ms. Marie to prepare for Kindergarten entrance exams, and it has been the best experience I could have asked for.  Ms. Marie is an expert; she was able to coach the best out of my two vastly different children.  She made it fun while remaining on task with the lessons.  We are looking forward to working with her again in the future!
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