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How do you prepare your child (a boy!) to focus on a tester’s or an interviewer’s questions. My son is very smart, but easily bored and distracted. He is also fidgety and has trouble sitting still if he isn’t engaged.

It is quite normal for young children to be active and to want to move about frequently.  We are asking our children to “be still” at younger and younger ages.  With that said, you can still help your child practice sitting for longer periods of time.  I would suggest having a designated reading time each day where you sit and read to your child and ask them questions while you read.  You can start with shorter picture books but then add a minute each day to help build up their stamina.

I would also suggest speaking with your child about the process and that they will go and talk with so and so and that they will ask him some questions.  You can even practice interviewing him about something he knows quite a lot about and then have him interview you, other family members or people in the neighborhood.

If you have a desk job, bring your child to work so they can see where you sit for long periods of time working.  Better still if you work from home.  They will see this behavior modeled before their eyes.

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