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Top 10 Educational YouTube Channels for Young Kids: A Parent’s Guide

Top 10 Educational YouTube Channels for Young Kids: A Parent’s Guide

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - February 23rd, 2024

With the increasing availability and use of digital media, learning has extended beyond the traditional classroom. Today, children can learn from virtually anywhere, and YouTube is one of the platforms leading the way in online education. In this blog, we’ll explore the top 10 educational YouTube channels for young kids, highlighting what each has to offer to enrich your child’s learning journey.

Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

Sesame Street

Who doesn’t know and love Sesame Street? This long-standing TV show has its own YouTube channel, where kids can enjoy clips from the show, sing-along videos, and educational mini-series. With loveable characters such as Elmo, Big Bird, and the Cookie Monster, kids can learn about numbers, alphabets, social skills, and more.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids introduces children to the wonders of the natural world. With exciting videos on animals, science, exploration, and culture, this channel fosters a love for our planet and the creatures inhabiting it.

Peppa Pig – Official Channel

The Peppa Pig YouTube channel offers numerous episodes from the TV show. Kids can learn about family dynamics, friendship, problem-solving, and understand the world around them through the engaging adventures of Peppa and her friends. Early Learning Academy

This channel focuses on literacy and numeracy skills for kids aged 2-8. From animated music videos teaching the alphabet and numbers, to engaging content on geography and the solar system, ABCmouse provides comprehensive early learning content.


Blippi is a fun and energetic character who takes kids on exciting educational adventures. He explores playgrounds, farms, science museums, and more. Through his entertaining and informative videos, kids learn about shapes, colors, numbers, and a lot more.

Super Simple Songs

Super Simple Songs makes learning fun and easy through music. Their songs are catchy and repetitive, which aids memory and recall. Kids can learn about animals, numbers, the alphabet, and basic social skills while singing along.

Khan Academy Kids

This channel, an offshoot of Khan Academy, creates educational videos specifically for younger children. Kids can enjoy interactive lessons on a variety of topics, including reading, language, math, logic, and expression.

Cool School

Cool School uses animated videos to tell popular stories, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales. These videos help improve kids’ listening skills, vocabulary, and understanding of narrative structures.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

A unique channel that combines storytelling with yoga and mindfulness, Cosmic Kids Yoga provides fun, interactive adventures that help kids stay active, improve focus, and learn how to relax.


Though not solely for young kids, TED-Ed offers beautifully animated, educational videos that provoke curiosity and learning. It’s a wonderful resource for kids who are inquisitive and looking for detailed explanations about the world around them.

Table Overview of the Top 10 YouTube Channels for Kids:

Channel Name

Content Focus

Sesame StreetAlphabets, Numbers, Social Skills
National Geographic KidsAnimals, Science, Geography
Peppa PigFamily Dynamics, Problem-solving Early Learning AcademyLiteracy, Numeracy, Basic Science
BlippiShapes, Colors, Numbers
Super Simple SongsAlphabets, Numbers, Animals
Khan Academy KidsReading, Language, Math
Cool SchoolStories, Vocabulary, Nursery Rhymes

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