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I know there are math questions on the OLSAT®, but my daughter is not interested in doing math questions when I try to do them with her. Any suggestions for making math interesting and something she’ll want to do?

Math is in our everyday lives and is all around us.  You can “do math” while walking down the street by counting cars, blocks or stop signs.   Make a game of figuring out when you pass 2 green cars and then 5 red cars, how many cars are there all together?  Your child may need to count up to add the cars but that is a very appropriate first step.

You can also introduce math skills by reading a favorite book.  Pick a picture book that has lots of characters such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle.  You can count the animals that the bear sees on each page.  As your child builds their skills you can start to add or subtract the animals.  To build on those skills you can count/add/subtract the eyes on the page, two pages and eventually the whole book.

There are just a few suggestions, just remember, math is everywhere.  See question number 1 for some more tips!

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