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June 14th, 2012

Advantages of the KBIT™-2 – Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test™-2

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Compared to other intelligence tests which involve many pages of questions and many hours of testing, the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test-2 is a refreshingly simple method of determining intelligence. While not a replacement for longer tests, the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test-2 serves as a wonderful complement to more tedious testing. It can also provide a convenient way to re-assess the capabilities of students who have already been tested.

Other uses for the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test-2 include testing at-risk students – those who may need supplemental instruction to ensure that they don’t fall behind their peers. Once the KBIT-2 has been administered, further testing can determine areas in which these children could benefit from additional education. Another use for the KBIT-2 is institutional, testing residents of group homes, hospitals or rehabilitation centers to determine their intellectual capacities.

No matter how it is used, the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test-2 is a wonderfully quick and accurate method of testing. Testing usually takes approximately twenty minutes to administer.

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