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Are Common Core Math Practice Questions Necessary?

Are Common Core Math Practice Questions Necessary?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - November 9th, 2014

Common Core math is just another part of today’s academic environment, which is very different from the environment of just a few short years ago. Competition, especially if a child is attempting to gain admittance to gifted, talented or advanced placement programs, can be fierce. In addition, even students in traditional public and private schools are faced with many more standardized tests than ever before. The number of these tests has risen to so much than many parents are beginning to question if there’s any real value in the tests themselves or in test preparation.

A Crucial Part of Education

The short answer to whether these common core math tests and their accompanying prep work is worth it is yes. Whether parents agree with or approve of the tests, they have become a large part of every student’s academic career.

Failure to prep for common core math tests can leave even very bright students behind their practiced peers. Test preparation does much more than review material. It gives students a chance to familiarize themselves with and become comfortable with the testing format. Since the many different standardized tests vary greatly in regard to format, this in itself can mean the difference between paralyzing testing anxiety and a relaxed student scoring to the best of their ability.

Practice Questions

There are two main types of test prep. There are study guides which encompass all aspects of the test, such as this one: There are also stand-alone practice math questions, often created by parents. The two methods are often used in conjunction in order to give students the best possible chances on testing day.

Common core math practice questions can easily be found by looking through your child’s current math textbook. Be sure to choose a variety of questions on material that she has already covered in class. In addition, choose some questions with a good portion of English language skills, as the ELA tests are designed with literacy in mind. Ensuring that your child fully understands what he is reading, even during the math portion of the test, is a key to success.

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