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Big City Moms Information Session on Kindergarten Gifted and Talented and Private Schools

Big City Moms Information Session on Kindergarten Gifted and Talented and Private Schools

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - October 7th, 2010

Last night Karen Quinn and Michael McCurdy from held an Insiders Guide to the Kindergarten Admissions Process at Big City Moms on the Upper East Side. We had well over 50 parents parents attend to learn more about the process for gifted and talented and private school programs in New York City. Karen and Michael fielded many questions on the OLSAT test, zoning of schools, WPPSI test, Karen’s game IQ Fun Park and the complete overview of how it all works in the world of New York City kindergarten!

Karen and Michael are having 2 more seminars this week in downtown Manhattan on Thursday and Friday night where they’ll discuss tests, gifted and talented process, private school admissions and more! Over 150 parents are expected during the Thursday night session over testing and over 80 expected Friday night! We’ll have lots of photos and even videos to share next week so stay tuned!

More information sessions will follow in the weeks ahead as we move into OLSAT test season for the NYC gifted and talented program.

During the session at Big City Moms parents discovered:

  • Insights to the myriad of tests given to children – ERB/WPPSI, OLSAT, BRSA & Stanford-Binet
  • The 7-Abilities every test assesses and your child must have to succeed in kindergarten and beyond
  • How to prepare your child for kindergarten testing without spending a fortune and stressing out the family
  • Private school processes and procedures
  • Gifted and talented vs. general education
  • Timelines and deadline for school applications
  • All the different options you have available to you as a NYC resident
  • How the system works and how to effectively navigate through it
  • School visits, evaluations and selection process
  • How to find the best fit for your child and your familybig city moms kindergarten seminard

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