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Bracken School Readiness Assessment: All about the Author

Bracken School Readiness Assessment: All about the Author

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - November 9th, 2012

Bruce Bracken BSRA author of Bracken School Readiness Assessment


This very helpful tool administered to children from pre-K to second grade, was first published in the year 2002, by a school psychologist and an esteemed educator of Educational Foundations, Dr. Bruce A. Bracken.

The Bracken School Readiness Assessment test is a helpful precursor to whether your child is well adapted to the level of education he is receiving at the moment. Dr. Bracken improvised such tool to serve as an aid in assessing the child’s cognitive abilities or impairments present in a child.

Aside from the Bracken School Readiness Assessment tool, Professor Bracken is also head chairman of the Psychological Testing and Assessment of APA. Added to his major achievements as a researcher and author of various psycho-educational studies and tests, Dr. Bracken also served as president of the International Test Commission and is co-founder, co-consultant, and editor of the Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment.

Dr. Bracken is married to Mary Jo Bracken, and has one son named after him, and is also the one developing and maintaining his father’s website for the moment. Dr. Bracken holds much pride in the many works he has co-authored. 

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