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Bureau Action Reflects That Many Children Better at Arts than Business

Bureau Action Reflects That Many Children Better at Arts than Business

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - November 5th, 2013

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There are so many complaints from Testing Mom customers about the lack of good schools in their area.  We make it our business to help parents find better schools in their area. In 2012 the Bureau of Economic Analysis began measuring the effect of the arts on the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This is yet another sign that the arts are becoming better and better-respected as a serious business among the population at large. Despite complaints from parents of yore that arts took away from traditional academic pursuits, parents today largely feel that the arts make their children better students. And the Bureau’s decision to include arts in a GDP analysis shows that that feeling is widespread.


And many of the parents who complain to Testing Mom are looking for schools that better shape their children’s creative skills. While buttoned-down, business like schools are great for some kids, many kids need a school that better nurtures their creative side. provides practice materials that measure both traditional academic skills such as reading and math, as well as creativity and more open-ended subjects. Testing Mom believes that practicing a full range of skills makes children better able to tackle a full range of academic subjects, while combining business-like academic practice with more fun, creative activities.


If the Bureau action shows us anything, it’s that the next generation of workers won’t just work in so-called business. They’ll be combining traditional skills with a creative and artistic flair that is nurtured in many schools. You’re better off knowing your child’s strengths and weaknesses before you begin researching schools. You don’t want to hear complaints that her school is too unstructured – or takes too hard of a business approach – after she’s already enrolled. Here at Testing Mom, we are here to help you with practice materials, expert answers, and better customer service than just about anywhere else. Take the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ action to heart and see if a creative school is right for your child!

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