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Canada Test Prep

Canada Test Prep

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - June 10th, 2014

Canada test prep

Canada test prep is its own animal, yet similar to test prep in other countries. Throughout North America, standardized testing has become a part of regular student life. Parents of school age children are equally familiar with the process due to the large amount of at-home testing preparation required. Here, we’ll review some test preparation basics.

How to Prep

Canada test prep, like preparation in virtually all developed nations, starts with being familiar with each test your child will be taking. While many parents, teachers and students alike have begun to wonder about the ultimate effectiveness of standardized tests, the reality is that they don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Even more importantly, a large portion of your child’s academic success rests on these tests.

Canada test prep is virtually the same as testing preparation in any other country which features standardized tests. There are many resources available, some of them for free. At you’ll find prep ideas and inspiration for many standardized tests used throughout Canada, the US and worldwide.

Free online test practice questions and quizzes can be found by searching for the specific test your child will be taking. Be sure to take questions and quizzes from only reputable sites. If you’re not sure where to begin, try asking other parents with children who have already taken the test in question; they may have great tips on reputable sites.

For some tests, you can help your child prep by choosing pieces of text from their current schoolbooks. This method works best regarding tests which place a heavy focus on English language arts skills, often called ELA.

Ready-made study guides and study materials are another option. As always, use caution when purchasing ready-made materials for Canada test prep; ensure that they have been prepared specifically for the test (and grade level, when appropriate) your child will be taking.

For the majority of parents, a combination of several test prep methods proves to be the most effective. Always remember to keep study sessions light and pressure-free to avoid creating testing anxiety. Older children studying independently will benefit from a few gentle reminders to take breaks, as they may be pressuring themselves to process a great deal of information in short amount of time. This method of studying is tempting but rarely effective, and can easily lead to burnout.

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