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CCAT Test Conduct and Scoring

CCAT Test Conduct and Scoring

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - June 26th, 2013

The Canada Abilities Test is one of the most affordable aptitude tests today. Many parents are spending thousands of dollars on their child’s education and thankfully with CCAT test now available, they can have their children tested at a cheaper price.

One of the main reasons why Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test CCAT costs less is the fact that they can be conducted in schools. You don’t have to travel or pay an expert just to conduct and score your child’s CCAT Test. Many schools are now giving it to students specifically those in the 4th grade. The test is given by a teacher, particularly one who majors in special education. The teacher then checks the paper and interprets the scores.

The CCAT is often used to determine whether a child is gifted. Parents use the test to see if their child is ready for a gifted or advanced program, or a prestigious private school. Rather than measuring your child’s mastery of educational or academic subjects, it looks at your child’s intelligence and abilities.

In addition to being relatively inexpensive, the CCAT is considered one of the most valid and effective aptitude tests, which makes it the first choice of many parents.

In case you want your child to take the CCAT test in an earlier grade that can be arranged with the principal too. Schools often buy test materials and kits for the conduct of the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test CCAT including test booklets and kits like those from

Of course, there are other places to buy workbooks, and there are also other ways to prepare for the test: online games, puzzles, flash cards, and tutoring are just some ways to prepare for the CCAT so that your child will take the test at the top of his or her game!

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