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CCAT Test: Should I Let My Child Take It?

CCAT Test: Should I Let My Child Take It?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - April 19th, 2013

Canadian Abilities Test is Useful and Inexpensive

With so many aptitude tests out there, should you let your child take the CCAT test? A big YES! Education is an investment and letting your child take the Canada Abilities Test is one guarantee that your child gets the best quality education possible.

You should never have second thoughts about the CCAT test. It is one of the cheapest tests available and the results are very reliable and valid. The Canada Abilities Test has been used by many schools owe to its affordability, validity, and ease in conduct and scoring.

The CCAT test can effectively test your child’s learning abilities. The results can help you and teachers tell if your child is gifted and needs to be enrolled in a more advance class together with other gifted children. On the other hand, the CCAT test can also pinpoint areas where your child needs remediation.

The test is inexpensive in part because it is often conducted in schools. Rather than having to pay an expert to supervise and grade the CCAT test, many schools give it to their own students, with teachers in charge of overseeing and grading the test. This makes the test accessible to parents who otherwise might not be able to afford more expensive aptitude tests.

Moreover, preparing your child for the test doesn’t have to be expensive either. You can make use of practice workbooks, games, and online materials to prepare your child inexpensively or perhaps even for free! Crafting simple verbal reasoning and arithmetic exercises also helps.

Taking the CCAT test is not just about knowing whether your child is gifted or not. Most importantly, it will help you decide which school and academic programs are suited for him or her.

So, by all means, don’t just let your child take the CCAT – have him or her get excited about doing so!


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