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CogAT Creating a Healthier Representation in G&T Programs

CogAT Creating a Healthier Representation in G&T Programs

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - July 25th, 2011

In the decades since the CogAT and other student abilities and IQ assessment tests were introduced into the public school system, many different examination methods and tools have been used by schools across the nation. However, in recent years, many have argued that the gifted and talented programs in various school districts actually misrepresent the promise of minority, poor, and other groups of students due to biased testing criteria.

Some have also argued that students from more affluent families who can afford to take CogAT practice tests and gain exposure to CogAT sample questions through purchased online resources or through private tutoring and test preparation sessions have an unfair advantage, making it impossible for gifted students from other socioeconomic backgrounds to gain admittance to G&T programs.

Of all the tests used by schools, the CogAT has shown the most promise as a more healthy measure of student abilities across the board, making it the best of the available assessment tools for building a more balanced G&T program.

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