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CogAT Excellent Alternative for Unbiased Testing

CogAT Excellent Alternative for Unbiased Testing

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - September 24th, 2011

How do we make intelligence testing fair for all students?

While the CogAT test has been used for decades to assess aptitude in elementary, junior high and high school students, over the years many other IQ assessment exams have taken its place in certain school districts. However, in recent years, several studies have indicated that some of the other commonly utilized tests may be biased in favor of white students and those from more families with a higher income rate.

In an effort to make gifted and talented programs more all-inclusive and give students from all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds a fair shake at admittance in such programs, many schools have begun to utilize he CogAT more prominently in their assessment criteria. Many school districts have also included other non-exam based criteria in factored considerations, as well.

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