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CogAT Form 7 Sample Questions

CogAT Form 7 Sample Questions

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - October 10th, 2013

CogAT form 7 is among the current versions of the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) in wide spread use by private and public schools to assess academic performance and student potential. This is the latest version of the Cogat and is more focused on images than written words. The CogAT form 7 is additionally used for private school admittance assessments and for determining which students, in both private and public schools, should be placed in gifted and talented programs. This test is given widely throughout the country and therefore your child has a good chance of being exposed to it.

Becoming accustomed to the testing format and the structure, presentation, and focus of exam questions for the CogAT form 7 is often a part of parent’s prep plans for their children. If you want to help prepare your child for the test then you will need to prepare yourself first! Exam readiness can potentially improve performance on assessment tests and it can additionally put children more at ease with their exams as well.

To start preparing your child, start with the most basic questions you can get. You do not want to freak your child out with questions that are too difficult for them. Also if they have never taken a test like this one before, then they will need to be taught how to take the test. You will need to teach them the structure and the presentation of the test for them to be able to even focus on the questions themselves! However you do not want to stress them out and have to large of an emphasis on the test.

CogAT form 7 sample questions are widely available on the internet through free and paid services, including tutorial services, individual blog sites hosted by other parents, and through school websites too.


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I had the hardest time finding examples of IOWA testing

What is the CogAT test? | NYC Gifted and Talented Program and Testing

[…] the CogAT is actually much more popular and widely used across the US. The CogAT, standing for Cognitive Abilities Test, is absolutely not an IQ test. Instead, it’s a test designed to assess a student’s […]


please send me the samples of test of Cognitive abilities, based on the Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory of cognitive ability. It is for 9-year-old student apply for the Gifted/ Enrichment program. Thank you very much.

Hi Eliza – to get 100 free practice questions that have some CogAT test samples just click on the orange “buy now” button at the top of page. The 100 free test questions are there. thanks


You can only point to the answers. No way to do an online test through

Hi – for online games with the practice questions you’ll need to sign-up for the service. Just click on the orange “buy now” button at the top of the page.


I want to buy the samples of the test of Cognitive abilitie ASAP. But when i clicked “buy now” button, I was required to register my name, my email and my password again. It also told me that choose another email or name, so I cannot buy it. Please help me ASAP. Thanks.

If you are stilling having issues – please email us at help testing mom com. Someone will get back with you shortly.


Please send me the 100 free questions to my email ASAP. I cannot find it. Thanks.

Hi – to access the 100 free practice questions, some of which are for the CogAT test, click on the orange “buy now” button at the top of the page. There you will find the 100 sample questions for a variety of tests.

Hi Testing Mom, I cannot access the 100 free practice questions without buying a subscription. Please tell me how access them. Yes, I already clicked on the “Buy Now” button above. It only leads to payment options for your tests. I will not purchase what I cannot test.

Hello – it should take you to the 100 free questions. Go to this link – see if that works better:

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