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CogAT Form 7 vs. Other CogAT Tests

CogAT Form 7 vs. Other CogAT Tests

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - November 10th, 2013

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Many parents wonder about the difference between the CogAT Form 7 and other forms. The CogAT exam is an intelligence assessment exam that specifically measures reasoning abilities. The test’s full name is the Cognitive Abilities Test, and the “form 7” designation is simply the version of the exam that is scheduled to be administered. In other words, the CogAT exam is the same test regardless of which version is being used. It’s just that there are three versions of the exam that are currently in use by public and private schools throughout the nation.

Think of it like the different versions of software that people commonly use on their personal computers. The overall program is essentially the same. It’s just the minor details that are adjusted from one version to the next. This means that the CogAT exam that children take is basically the same regardless of whether it is the CogAT form 6 or CogAT form 7, which are the two most common versions in contemporary use by private schools and public school districts.

If you’re not sure which version your child will be taking, ask your child’s teacher or an administrator at his school. They should be able to shed some light on whether your child will be taking the CogAT Form 6 or the CogAT Form 7. If you aren’t able to find out directly from someone at your child’s school, go onto the school’s website – or, if your child is in a public school, look at the website for the school district. Many times school districts post the details for the gifted and talented entry exams on their websites.

If you’re unable to find out which version of the CogAT your child will be given, you can practice using materials for both the CogAT Form 6 and the CogAT Form 7. Although the tests are different, materials designed for either version will be helpful as your child is preparing.

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