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CogAT Reemerges as Standard Tool in Student Assessment

CogAT Reemerges as Standard Tool in Student Assessment

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - August 26th, 2011

At one time, the CogAT test, or Cognitive Abilities Test, was one of the most common testing programs used to determine student abilities and in the assessment of children for inclusion in school district sponsored gifted and talented programs. However, over the years, other IQ assessment exams and similar testing methods have slowly taken the place of the CogAT in many locations across the nation.

With decades of operating G&T programs under their belts though, many school districts have begun to realize that their G&T programs are not as inclusive or truly representative of the full spectrum of student abilities. As a result, many districts have begun to reintegrate the CogAT test and CogAT practice test sessions into their G&T preparation and assessment schedules. 

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