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CogAT Test Prep Services

CogAT Test Prep Services

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - March 17th, 2013

Multiple Ways to Prepare for the CogAT

When it comes to academic achievement and performance on IQ assessment exams like the CogAT, there are a number of ways in which parents attempt to help their children. Some choose to use formal CogAT test prep services like academic enrichment tutoring, boot camps for assessment exams, and even online tutoring sessions.


While some are opposed to the idea of CogAT test prep, believing it puts some kids at an unfair advantage, others believe that test preparation only allows children to become comfortable and familiar with standardized tests. Essentially, those who use CogAT test prep services believe that their already gifted children just need some experience participating in prep activities, like CogAT practice tests, to meet their own best possible performance on their formal exam.


CogAT test prep doesn’t have to be so official, of course. There are plenty of less formal and more relaxed activities that parents can undertake with their kids in order to help them prepare for the CogAT test. Even word game and puzzle books and similar activities can help kids hone the same reasoning skills that are tested on the CogAT exam.


Parents can also find instances in their everyday lives where they can help their kids use the same skills that are tested on the CogAT exam. This will not only continue to reinforce the material that will ultimately be on the test; it also makes test prep feel less like work, since it weaves the concepts into kids’ daily activities. It also helps since it’s distinct from the test-like atmosphere that kids face on the day of the exam; this actually makes them a bit more alert in the test setting, since it’s not something that they feel like they’ve seen over and over already.

However you choose to prepare for the CogAT, have fun and relax! Making preparation fun makes things easier for your child and for you!

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