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Common Core English Practice Questions

Common Core English Practice Questions

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - January 8th, 2014

Although the common core testing battery includes history, social studies, science and math, a main focus of the test is English language arts, or ELA. ELA questions are integrated throughout the other subject areas to ensure that students have the proper level of comprehension when reading text about history, social studies, science or math.

There are many ways to help your child prepare for an upcoming common core test. Here, we’ll review the many ways to create or obtain English practice questions and English practice tests.

Homemade Study Materials

Creating your own English study questions is easy once you’ve determined precisely in areas of English language arts your child will be tested. You can determine this by going to your state’s Department of Education website, where the most current information is typically displayed. If you’re having difficulty finding this information, try asking your child’s teachers or school administrators.

Once you know what type of English practice questions you’re looking for, simply use your child’s current English textbook as a guide. Choose pieces of text with several different tested aspects within them, if possible, to cover as much ground as possible.

Online Resources

There is a wealth of information available regarding English practice questions and English practice tests online. You can find a huge selection of practice materials here. Using these practice questions and tests in conjunction with those you take from your child’s textbooks offers a vast array of potential combinations.

Ready-Made Study Materials

Like virtually all standardized tests, the Common Core battery has several quality ready-made study guides and packages available. These packages can be found broken down into single subjects, with some featuring English practice questions and English practice tests only, or bundled together and featuring practice questions for all tested subjects. Study packages are available in hard-copy or software-based format options; choose the format which best complements your child’s learning style.

Since there are both negative and positive aspects to all types of study materials, most parents find a combination of these options to be the most effective method of common core testing prep.

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