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Common Core Social Studies Practice Questions

Common Core Social Studies Practice Questions

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - December 23rd, 2013

Relatively new in the world of standardized testing, the Common Core test battery involves several central, or ‘core,’ subjects, including social studies. Here, we’ll review the best way to help your child prepare, including the use of social studies practice questions.

Textbook Quizzes

Since the common core test battery is based on curriculum and learned knowledge from each grade level, your child’s current textbook is a wonderful resource for social studies practice questions, which can be used independently or combined into social studies practice tests.

When looking through textbooks for social studies practice questions, choose pieces of text that offer both English language arts (ELA) questions as well as fact-based questions. In addition, utilize the end-of-chapter quizzes found in most textbooks as a basis, since they typically cover the main ideas and important points of each chapter.

Free Online Resources

The internet is a wonderful source of both social studies practice tests and other materials which can give you inspiration for creating your own. Sites like this one offer a great basis for social studies practice questions that are tailored to common core testing. Be sure to use only resources that are tailored to your state’s decisions regarding common core content and your child’s grade level.

Ready-made Study Materials

Like virtually every standardized test out there, the Common Core has a wealth of ready-made study guides and packages that offer social studies practice questions. Before you purchase, ensure that the study guide has been specifically created to conform to the common core standards, is up to date and current, and is tailored to your child’s grade level. These aspects can change on a yearly basis, so check your state’s Department of Education website to determine what this year’s testing battery will contain.

Prepping for the common core test battery doesn’t have to be hard. With all the resources available, parents have tons of options when it comes to creating, structuring and purchasing social studies practice tests, as well as practice materials for each of the other core subjects. 

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