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Common Core State Standards Initiative Practice

Common Core State Standards Initiative Practice

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - January 18th, 2015

The Common Core State Standards Initiative tests are relatively new standardized tests, given to students at every grade level on an annual basis. They are designed to ensure that each student receives a similar education regardless of location, with the ultimate goal of creating better-equipped high school graduates.

What Makes These Tests Different?

As a parent, you’re most likely very familiar with standardized tests. This format is used for many different purposes, including testing basic learned knowledge and determining admittance to gifted or advanced placement classes.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is different in that it focuses on the skills which students need most when they find themselves in the ‘real world’ after graduation. Whether their next step is college or the workforce, there are some crucial skills which will be needed.

Far too often, graduates receive their diplomas without really having learned everything they were taught in school. This alarming trend has been noted for many years. Some graduates were found to have extreme difficulty putting together a grammatically correct resume, for example. Others had difficulty with even basic mathematical equations, requiring a calculator for simple concepts such as basic division.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative hopes to eventually eliminate this trend. It aims to give students the best possible education by testing on a yearly basis. This ensures that if a student is falling behind, the issue can be handled immediately. If students are tested regularly and necessary corrective steps are taken, it is hoped that future generations of graduates will have a much better grasp of the skills they need in college and in the workforce.

Helping Your Child Practice

Whether you choose ready-made study materials or those created by using your child’s textbooks, preparation is key. You can visit for a helpful breakdown of testing levels, subjects and other specifics. Keep in mind that while most states have accepted the basic Initiative-recommended testing battery, there are a few exceptions. Check to see what your state has decided before purchasing or creating study materials.

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