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Common Core Test Prep Questions

Common Core Test Prep Questions

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - July 22nd, 2013

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The State Standards Initiative Common Core test battery is relatively new in the world of standardized tests, but quickly being accepted by states across the US. As with any standardized test, preparation is key. Here we’ll review the goals of the Common Core and some ideas on helping your child prepare for testing day.

What is the Common Core?

The Common Core is a set of standardized tests which focus on subjects which are believed to be central, or ‘core,’ to a quality and well-rounded education. The Core was created through a collaboration between the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association (NGA), with the assistance and support of many educational and academic experts across the country.

The Initiative was designed to address a disturbing trend which has plagued the US for years – high school seniors graduating without some very basic skills. These skills, which include English language arts skills and math, are some which both college professors and employers expect a graduate to possess; very little tolerance is given to graduates who don’t possess these skills, putting them at a huge disadvantage in college and the workforce.

By testing core subjects at every grade level, the Initiative aims to create generations of students who are consistently fully equipped to succeed in the ‘real world’ after high school.

Helping Your Child Succeed

There are many options available for parents who wish to help their students in common core test prep. Ready-made study guides and packages are available in both hard-copy and software-based formats. They are also available tailored to each state and each grade level.

Since common core test prep can get expensive, especially when combined with the other standardized tests which most students take throughout the year, many parents have begun combining free common core test prep questions, such as those found at, with ‘homemade’ prep questions. Creating your own common core test prep questions is relatively simple, especially since the common core is based on students’ curriculum learning. By reading through your child’s current textbooks and selecting pieces of text which include both English language arts questions and fact-based questions, you can create a very effective study guide for free.

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What is the Common Core Test? - Common Core Standards Test Prep | Common Core Standards Test Prep

[…] Make sure you find out all about the common core test from Testing Mom to get practice questions. […]


Dear Testing Mom,

Correction. You write “The Common Core is a set of standardized tests.” In fact, the Common Core is the learning that goes on day in and day out, based on the Common Core Standards. The standardized test (one test at some grade levels, no test at all at others) is the least Common Core-ish part of the Common Core. The test is being created by one of two companies, either of which was hired long after the Common Core Standards were already in effect.

Hope That Helps,

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