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Common Core Tests By State

Common Core Tests By State

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - November 12th, 2013

With the recent introduction of the State Standards Common Core testing battery, many parents are looking for common core tests by state. Lots of parents and students are slightly confused, especially since tests by state can vary. Here, we’ll review the Common Core itself and why it was created.


The concept of common core tests by state had its origins in the State Standards Initiative, a collaboration between the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the National Governors Association (NGA) and a multitude of educational professionals across the country. The Common Core battery is designed to ensure that each graduating high school senior has the skills required to thrive in today’s world, whether their next step after high school involves college or the workforce. Basic skills which both professors and employers expect – such as ELA (English language arts) and math – have been made primary areas of focus in order to give seniors the best possible chance of success.

State Standards

The State Standards Common Core is a testing battery which covers subjects considered to be central, or ‘core,’ to a well-rounded education. These subjects include history, math and science. English language arts, encompassing every aspect of the English language, is a main focus of the Common Core.

Each state has been given the option to reject or accept the common core testing standards. While most have accepted the Core as-is, some, such as Minnesota, have rejected certain portions (Minnesota has rejected the math portion of the Common Core). Check for an interactive map and information regarding your state’s decisions.

States can also add subjects to the common core if they feel they are central to a quality education, although these instances, so far, are rare. Your child’s school and your state’s individual Department of Education will have more specifics. Tests by state can easily be determined through these resources. Before purchasing study materials, ensure that they are current and tailored to not only your state’s accepted common core tests but also to your child’s grade.

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