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Common Test Items in Kindergarten Testing

Common Test Items in Kindergarten Testing

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - March 27th, 2013

Kindergarten testing is an increasingly common phenomenon, and is most often used to measure how ready your child is to enter kindergarten. Usually, if kids are given a kindergarten test, it’s done while they’re still in preschool and before they actually enter kindergarten. Age 5 is the best time for kindergarten testing to take place.

Knowing what comes out in a kindergarten test is a great way to prepare your child for kindergarten testing. Once you familiarize yourself with the coverage of the test you will find it easier to practice and get your child ready for testing for kindergarten.

Kindergarten testing evaluates your child’s motor, communication, and social skills. Here are some of the most common items found in kindergarten test materials, so you know what to expect going in:

  • Letter recognition- by the time your child reaches the age of five, he or she must already know the letters of the alphabet both the upper and lower cases.
  • Sound recognition- kindergarten testing also assesses how well your child can recognize and produce the sound of the different letters.
  • Shape identification- your child must know some basic shapes like circle, square, and triangle and associate them with objects having such shapes.
  • Following direction- this is another inclusion in a kindergarten test wherein the teacher gives directions to your child such as hop, skip, draw, and many more to test if he or she knows how to follow them.
  • Listening- teacher reads a story and afterwards ask some simple questions about it to your child to test if he or she pays attention or listens attentively.
  • Interview- in kindergarten testing your child will answer basic questions about himself or herself such as their name, age, and birthday.

A kindergarten test varies but these types of test often come out in testing for kindergarten. 

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