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Comprehensive Review of for Parents: Your Child’s New Learning Companion?

Comprehensive Review of for Parents: Your Child’s New Learning Companion?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - November 8th, 2023

Are you a parent considering using to support your child’s learning journey? This comprehensive review will help you understand what IXL offers, its pros and cons, functionality, user experience (UX) design, and pricing. As we delve into the IXL review, we’ll focus on how could be an essential tool for enriching your child’s educational experience.

What is is an online learning platform designed to enhance students’ grasp of various subjects at different grade levels. With comprehensive coverage of math, English language arts, science, and social studies for grades K-12, is designed to adapt to your child’s learning speed, providing personalized questions to ensure progress.

Functionality and UX Design

Functionality’s functionality is one of its most lauded features. It offers thousands of skills across several subjects, divided into grade-specific categories, ensuring that the learning material aligns with your child’s school curriculum. The practice questions are designed to engage learners, keeping them interested while reinforcing key concepts.

The Adaptive Learning technology employed by adjusts the difficulty level in real-time, based on the learner’s performance. This aspect makes it a dynamic tool that grows with your child’s learning needs, continuously challenging them without causing undue frustration. Another functional feature is the analytics provided to parents. It’s easy to track your child’s performance and identify areas of improvement or areas where they excel.

UX Design

When it comes to the user experience, is designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. The interface is clean and intuitive, with skill categories clearly marked and easily accessible. The vibrant color scheme and friendly graphics make it inviting for young learners, adding to the overall enjoyment of the learning process. For parents, the dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your child’s performance. Progress reports, usage data, trouble spots, and more are presented in a digestible format, enabling you to support your child effectively.

Pros of Using

Personalized Learning

The most significant advantage of is its ability to provide a personalized learning experience. It quickly adapts to the learner’s abilities, delivering questions that are neither too hard nor too easy, keeping your child engaged and challenged.

Comprehensive Coverage covers a wide range of subjects and grade levels, making it a one-stop solution for your child’s learning needs. The vast question bank ensures plenty of practice opportunities in different areas.

Parent Analytics

The analytics for parents are highly detailed and easy to comprehend. This feature allows you to monitor your child’s progress, identify areas where they struggle, and help them improve.

Cons of Using

Lack of Instructional Material

One of the primary criticisms of is that it doesn’t provide instructional content or lessons. The platform focuses on practice questions, which, while effective, might not be sufficient if your child needs more in-depth instruction or has missed a crucial concept in class.

Could be Frustrating for Some Learners

The algorithm’s adaptive nature, while beneficial for personalized learning, can occasionally lead to frustration if a student gets several questions wrong in succession and finds the difficulty level dropping.

Pricing: Is Worth It?

The cost of IXL can be a point of consideration for many parents. As of now, the IXL cost for a single subject starts at $9.95/month or $79/year per student. If you opt for all four subjects, it’s $19.95/month or $159/year per student. While the price may seem steep compared to other resources, the comprehensive coverage and personalized learning experience.

Reviews from Parents and Kids

Even though IXL does have strong content for school success, many parents and students are frustrated with the platform scoring it 1.5 stars out of 5 stars with thousands of reviews on Common Sense Media.


In the realm of educational platforms, stands out for its interactive, personalized approach to practice and concept reinforcement. While it has some potential downsides, such as the lack of instructional material and the potential for frustration in some learners, its extensive subject coverage, adaptive learning capabilities, and in-depth analytics can make it a powerful tool for augmenting your child’s education.

In terms of IXL cost, it may be higher than some alternatives, but the investment can pay dividends in the form of a richer, more customized learning experience for your child. In essence, the effectiveness of largely depends on your child’s individual learning needs and how you as a parent choose to incorporate it into their educational journey. We hope this IXL review helps you make the best decision for your child’s learning experience.

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