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Downtown Information Sessions on OLSAT and G&T Programs Huge Hit!

Downtown Information Sessions on OLSAT and G&T Programs Huge Hit!

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - October 12th, 2010

The past few days were super busy for and all the guest speakers for our seminars for NYC gifted and talented programs, private school admissions and OLSAT, WPPSI and Bracken testing. Parents crammed into the downtown community center in Tribeca where Karen Quinn, the Testing Mom, Dr. Har, testing expert from Aristotle Circle (and a expert!) and Michael McCurdy from The crowd was amazed and overwhelmed with all the information not only for parents but what their 4 year old needs to know when taking the OLSAT test and Bracken test. On Friday night we held the information session at the Poet’s House in Battery Park City where Karen Quinn, Dana Kaplan (NYC gifted and talented teacher of the year) and Michael McCudy spoke to a room full of parents. Below are some photos of the sessions during the week and a big thanks for Jo Young, Matthew Kiger and Bakley Smith for helping out with these events. Also, a HUGE thanks for to the Downtown Community Center in Tribeca for giving us the space for free to use!

Michael McCurdy, from and NYC Gifted and Talented Parent Expert, explains to parents the "ins and outs" the NYC G&T testing process.

Karen Quinn, author of Testing for Kindergarten, explains to parents the 7 abilities all kindergarteners need to know.

Karen Quinn, the Testing Mom, shows the excited parents her new game IQ Fun Park! The game covers the OLSAT test, Bracken test, WPPSI ERB test, and Standford-Binet.

Jo Young introduces the expert panels as they answer questions about the OLSAT test.

Dr. Kim Har from Aristotle Circle amazes the crowd with her knowledge about testing.

Dana Kaplan, G&T Teacher of Year, explains to parents the ciriculum

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