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ELA Common Core Requirements by State

ELA Common Core Requirements by State

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - October 13th, 2014

ELA common core

One of the newest standardized tests, the ELA Common Core is a nationwide initiative aimed at improving the educational level of graduating high school seniors. Here, we’ll review the goals of the initiative as well as what it means for you and your child.

What is the ELA Common Core?

Designed through a collaboration between the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the National Governor’s Association (NGA) and countless educational and academic authorities across the country, the State Standards Initiative aims to tackle a problem which has plagued the US for many years.

Far too often, graduating high school seniors, when tested, perform far below average in relatively simple subjects areas. English is often one of the worst offenders, with many seniors unable to compose a grammatically correct resume. This surprising lack of core knowledge and skills leave the students at a disadvantage when compared to many of their peers. In addition, it has the potential to leave them out in the cold when seeking employment, as the vast majority of employers are seeking workers with these skills. Even students who are headed to college instead of the workforce are affected. Although they may be going into another realm of education, college professors are typically intolerant of students who do not possess these very basic and necessary skills. This is frustrating for both professor and student, and may contribute to first-year dropout rates.

A Necessary Solution

By testing students at each grade level (beginning in pre-kindergarten or kindergarten), the ELA Common Core Initiative aims to garner each student the best possible education, one that will fully prepare them for life after high school. Common Core requirements by state vary, since the Initiative is designed to be an agreed-upon set of standards. You can view the current Common Core requirements by state at

States are given the option to reject or accept the ELA Common Core and its test battery. They also have the option to add in certain subjects which they find important. Cursive writing is a great example, as some states feel it is a waste of time while others feel that students still need good handwriting skills.

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