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Free E-Book and Parents Tip Sheet!

Free E-Book and Parents Tip Sheet!

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - February 16th, 2014

Thanks for attending the webinar: How to Prepare Your Child for Testing. We hope you enjoyed it!

As promised here are your free e-book and Parents Tip Sheet!

  • Testing Survival Guide E-book (click here) – In this guide, we will explain the different types of tests children are given for school placement, show you samples of questions from various tests, tell you why it is important to prepare your child, and give you tips. The language you hear around testing sounds like a game of Scrabble –
  • OLSAT® test,
  • CogAT® test,
  • BSRA™ test,
  • GATE Testing,
  • ERB, WPPSI®-III or IV,
  • WISC®-IV, WNV™,
  • Stanford-Binet® 4® or 5®,
  • NNAT®-2 test, Naglieri®, KBIT™-2,
  • Raven’s Matrices™, RIAS®,
  • TAG testing,
  • MAP® Testing,
  • Woodcock-Johnson® III Tests of Achievement,
  • G&T programs, the list of acronyms goes on and on


If you haven’t done so yet make sure you start with 100 free practice questions on our home page. If you want to learn more about the common core you can also read more about Common Core Standards Testing here.

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5 Responses


It was very helpful and I am excited to work on some of the skills and see how our kindergarten kid will adapt to it and improve on some of his skills.


When I clicked on “Testing Survival Guide E-book (click here)”, it directed me to the website but not a E-Book. Are they the same? Thank you!

Hi Liya

Login to the site and then click on the link, which will open the eBook.


Hi Folks,

The link to the E-book does not take me to the E-book. Can you post the correct link to the E-book?

Thanks a million!

I sent it to your email address!

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