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Free G&T practice test questions

Free G&T practice test questions

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - October 24th, 2011

There are many free g&T practice test questions available in the internet, bookstores, and schools today. Parents and teachers use them as review materials for their children whom they believe are gifted and talented.

These sample IQ tests feature the same types of test items found in the actual G&T testing and the content are also similar. This is why many are using them as review materials to help children familiarize themselves with the G&T testing. The fact that children are able to prepare properly for the actual G&T testing can make them feel more at ease, confident, and ready during exam day.

However, parents and teachers are advised to keep their expectations low. Just because your child got very high scores in these free g&T practice questions doesn’t mean he or she will also ace the actual test. You’ll need to practice beyond the free questions like those found on Remember that G&T testing is highly confidential and you’ll never know how well your child did during the test unless the results are presented to you. In NYC you can request to view your child’s test after the test is taken.



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Noah is very talented and gift student. Very interested in practicing the G & T testing for future education at his educational level. Thank you.

the link in the main page is a link to a mattress store
haha very funny

Thank you for pointing that out! We’re not sure how that happened, but we are updating the link so it points to the correct materials!

All the best,



Hello. I am very interested in the free G&T practice questions. Your link above is not working.


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