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Free Wechsler Practice Questions

Free Wechsler Practice Questions

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - February 8th, 2012

It is highly recommended that parents let their children take IQ tests like the WPPSI earlier on in life. It is the best way for you to tell whether your child is gifted or has difficulty in learning. The WPPSI test is usually conducted by a certified clinical psychologist or psychiatrist but because many schools now require students to take the test before enrollment, parents are doing their best to help their child prepare for it on their own.

One of the most practical steps they take is to search online for free Wechsler practice questions. There are many websites that offer WPPSI sample questions which can be downloaded for free. Meanwhile, there are also more comprehensive and in depth practice materials sold at reasonable prices.

Parents can use these materials for review. Though the actual WPPSI exam will, of course, be slightly different from practice materials, the format and types of questions asked are almost the same. 

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