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Gifted and Talented Testing for Children

Gifted and Talented Testing for Children

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - November 20th, 2011

As you know, IQ tests are vital assessment tools not only because they can help you know whether your child is gifted or not but also help you in understanding the intellectual needs of your kid.

So how can you tell if your child is the next Einstein? Gifted children exhibit extraordinary mental abilities and logical thinking skills. However, for someone who is not an expert, you can’t really tell that your child is gifted unless you see a psychologist or have your child undergo G&T testing.

There are standardized gifted and talented IQ tests which your child can take even at an early age, and in some cases as young as two years old. These tests are usually administered individually by licensed and trained psychologists. G&T testing is very popular especially in prestigious private schools that only admit students who meet their standards. There are also public schools, like New York City public schools,  that conduct gifted and talented testing for children who are enrolled in kindergarten and elementary schools.

Once these IQ tests reveal that your child is indeed gifted and talented, you have to ensure that you provide his or her intellectual needs by sending him or her to a reputable school and providing him or her with varied experiences that will help in his or her proper growth and development. The main thing is to make sure the school meets your child’s specific needs and opportunity for enriched growth as you evaluate the best G&T program for your child.


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