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Helpful Resources for the STAAR Test

Helpful Resources for the STAAR Test

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - May 15th, 2014

The STAAR test or State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness is a statewide assessment tool conducted to public schools throughout Texas. Compared with previous tests like the TAKS test, the STAAR examination aims to measure the performance of students in every core subject areas. Thankfully, there are some helpful resources for the STAAR test that students, teachers, as well as parents can utilize in preparation for the big test.

Many students rely so much on the internet for their research work and in doing their projects and assignments. Today, they are also using the web to look for some resources for STAAR test. These resources vary from practice questions for the STAAR test, study tips, and a lot more. There are websites that feature free items for the STAAR test which students can access after registering in the site. They can then download these useful sample tests and use them for review.

Students are not the only ones who can benefit from these resources for the STAAR test. As a matter of fact, school administrators and teachers can benefit from them as well. They can get copies of sample tests or old TAKS exams and give them to students. They can even provide these materials for free to show their support to their students who’ll take the test.

Sometimes, parents also need to be knowledgeable about assessment tools like the STAAR test especially since they can greatly affect their child’s future. There are also resources in the internet for parents whose children will take the STAAR test. They can help you understand what this exam is all about and how you can help your child achieve good scores.

Passing the STAAR exam is not only a student’s responsibility. Everybody, especially the teachers, administrators, and parents must also do their part for a child to do well on the STAAR test.

You can find some great resources for the STAAR test at

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