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How Can the KBIT-2 be Useful in Group Homes?

How Can the KBIT-2 be Useful in Group Homes?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - August 5th, 2012

We all know that the KBIT-2, or Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, has been widely used for years in determining giftedness and intelligence in young children.  But did you know that the KBIT-2 can be put to use in group homes for adults as well?

Group homes are often a mixed bag of adults with very different issues. For example, a typical group home may have adults with mental illnesses, developmental disabilities and traumatic injuries, all under the same roof. This can present some very difficult situations for nurses and other caregivers.

Determining the intelligence of these adults is critical in ensuring that each of them receives the proper care and stimulation. A person with severe schizophrenia, for example, may be highly intelligent despite their illness. On the other hand, a severely developmentally disabled adult may have an intelligence level closer to that of a child. Each individual requires very different levels of stimulation and responsibility in order to thrive, and an intelligence test such as the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test-2 can provide a fast and simple snapshot. These snapshots can assist caregivers in providing the proper environment for each and every adult in a group home, regardless of how different their individual needs may be.

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