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How the KBIT-2 Helps Gifted Children

How the KBIT-2 Helps Gifted Children

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - January 19th, 2012

We all know that even truly gifted children can, in some cases, be at a disadvantage in traditional school settings. When children are not properly stimulated, they become bored and “tune out” what their teachers are saying. In the case of a highly intelligent student, this can happen very quickly. In a worst-case scenario, an extremely intelligent student may be seen as disinterested, below average or even slow, due to their restlessness in class.

This is why screening for gifted children is so important. A gifted child will not be challenged by the same material as an average student in the same grade. The KBIT-2 test can help immensely in identifying gifted children. Once the KBIT-2 has been administered and scored, it will give parents and teachers a thorough view of the child’s true intelligence. Longer, more involved tests can follow, but the KBIT-2 is a wonderful way to quickly assess whether a student is gifted or not. 

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