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How to Find NNAT2 Sample Questions

How to Find NNAT2 Sample Questions

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - August 29th, 2012

More schools, both public and private, are beginning to use the NNAT2 or Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test to measure intelligence, gauge school readiness, and determine which students should be among those offered admittance to the school or to a gifted and talented program. Because the test is becoming more common and there is so much that rides on test performance, more and more parents are seeking NNAT2 sample questions and other test preparation resources. There are also more sources for these items becoming available due to increased interest and demand.

NNAT2 sample questions can be obtained from many sources, including the schools that utilize the test, testing contractors, material distribution and sales providers, and even free resources on the internet. Parents overwhelmed by the concept of IQ testing for their kids can often put their minds at ease simply by reviewing NNAT2 sample test questions themselves and sharing them with their kids. 

Like any other practice, nonverbal reasoning and problem solving skills get stronger for kids when they regularly use them. For this reason, NNAT2 sample questions can also be a way of helping children prepare for taking the assessment test and potentially performing better on it. NNAT2 sample questions allow kids to get used to the format of questions on the exam and learn how to identify differences in images and diagrams more quickly and accurately. 

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