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How to identify a gifted child

How to identify a gifted child

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - May 26th, 2014

This article briefly explains how to identity a gifted child. There are many areas a child may be gifted (i.e. music, art, sports) but being gifted in academics is the easiest to measure when it comes to a very young child.  A group IQ test or an IQ test given by a trained psychologist are the primary ways a gifted boy or gifted girl can be identified. So many parents ask themselves “Is my son gifted?” or “Is my daughter gifted?”.

Here are a few of the signs of a gifted child and some of these will be measured on an IQ test like the WPPSI or Stanford-Binet:

  • Prefers older companions or adults
  • Has a wide range of interests
  • Has a great sense of humor
  • Early or avid reader (if too young to read, loves being read to)
  • Concerned with justice, fairness
  • Judgment mature for age at times
  • Is a keen observer
  • Has a vivid imagination
  • Is highly creative
  • Tends to question authority
  • Has facility with numbers
  • Good at jigsaw puzzles
  • Source: Gifted Development Center, Dr. Linda Silverman,  6

gifted talented boy

When testing younger children there could be issues with the IQ test that is given due to the following:

  • Too immature
  • Ear Infections
  • Eye Tracking Problems
  • Reflective Thinkers
  • Gifted in one realm; average in other
  • Twice Exceptional

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gifted talented test girl

There is a debate that suggests that gifted kids more likely to be successful in life but there are some research studies that concluded IQ alone is not a predictor of success in life. A few of these studies include:

  • Louis Terman Study – “Intellect and achievement are far from correlated.”
  • Reba Subotnik Study – “Non-intellectual factors” probably matter more.
  • Liam Hudson – “You are as likely to win a Nobel Prize with a 120 IQ as a 200 IQ.”



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