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How to Pass Math Exams by State

How to Pass Math Exams by State

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - June 24th, 2014

Taking standardized math exams by state is common nowadays. In fact, no high school student graduates without taking state exams especially if he or she is enrolled in a public school. Some exams are given to measure the learning abilities of students and are used mainly for assessment while there are those that contribute a crucial part in the overall rating of a student. No matter what kind of state examinations one has to take, it’s imperative to pass it.

One of the components of standardized tests given by the state is math. That’s because math skills need to be mastered by students before they move on to the next grade level or enroll in college; otherwise, they will encounter a lot of difficulties when faced with more complex math subjects later on.

Math exams by state are constructed based on the given curriculum by the education agency. Therefore, they will test competencies that are taught by teachers in school. In other words, the items found in these math exams are already familiar to students so there’s no reason why they can’t pass. But just to make sure, here are some useful tips on how to pass mathematics tests:

Study in advance. Cramming can only result to failure. If you want to earn a good score in math, you must study long before the examination. There are formulas you need to memorize as well as concepts to understand. Studying in advance will give you the edge you need.

Use math practice questions. You can download from the internet sample math tests which are parallel with the actual state test. This way you can familiarize yourself with the types of tests and how they’re scored.

Review regularly. Don’t just open your textbook or study review materials in school but also have a regular review at home. Bear in mind that mastering math skills in preparation for the math exams by state require practice.

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