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Hype Up Your Lessons with Math Games

Hype Up Your Lessons with Math Games

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - September 16th, 2013

Everybody loves playing games and kids are no exception. In fact, they are able to learn more if lessons are introduced using games. With this in mind, teaching children different number concepts can become more interesting and enjoyable through math games. Children will be less intimidated by the lessons if they are couched in games!

Creativity comes easily if you have plenty of sources on hand. There are many resources you can use, with textbooks being an excellent reference. Check for activity pages and then choose which activities will best suit the needs of your students. Come up with skills exercises that will integrate your past and future lessons for the children to work on.

Because board games never fail to excite people, especially children, you can make use of them in reinforcing your lessons. For instance, you can come up with a number scrabble integrating the four major mathematical operations. Monopoly is also an ideal game once you are done with your lessons on money. Actually, your choices are endless ranging from boggle to trivial pursuit and puzzles to cryptograms. All it takes is your creativity to be able to integrate these games into your math lessons.

With the introduction of the Internet also come interactive math games like those featured in These are more convenient as you do not need to actually create your materials in making the exercises. Instead, you just have to search the net for sites that offer these interactive games for free. You can download these games or you can provide your kids with the links to these sites for activities you want them to work on as drills or assignments.

Math is supposed to be fun and interesting. Introduce your kids to the other side of this subject by providing them with as many math games as possible. With these games just within your reach, you can’t lose! 

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