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Is the CogAT® Test Right for All Students?

Is the CogAT® Test Right for All Students?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - July 4th, 2012

The Cognitive Abilities Test® (commonly known as the CogAT® test) is suitable for all students, regardless of ability or grade level. Different versions of the test are applicable to different grades, of course. The CogAT® test is actually a tool by which parents and teachers can teachers can better decide what kind of educational environment would benefit a particular child.

An average score on the CogAT® generally means that the child is at the right place; they are right in step with their peers and require no special adjustments in their curriculum. A very high score may indicate that the child has advanced faster than their age would suggest, and may benefit from gifted or enrichment classes. A very low score may indicate that a student has fallen slightly behind their classmates, and may be a candidate for supplemental education.

The CogAT® test is absolutely “right” for every student, and can help determine where that student belongs academically.

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