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Join P.A.L. and Filmmaker Doug Morse this Tuesday, March 13, as we explore

Join P.A.L. and Filmmaker Doug Morse this Tuesday, March 13, as we explore

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - March 12th, 2012

The Power of Books and Film for Kids:  Using Children’s Literature & Movies to Help Kids Connect with Others, Explore Emotions and Understand Themselves

Is your child anxious about the first day of school, shy around strangers, experiencing the effects of divorce, struggling with siblings, friendships or issues of giftedness? Are you and your spouse uncertain of how to introduce new concepts or developmental experiences to your child? Are you frustrated by the dark villains of G-rated movies or not sure if the content of PG movies is appropriate for your child? If so, this workshop will help.

Storytelling, through books or film, and connecting with a character can have a profound effect on a child. Bibliotherapy, or reading and discussing books to help cope with social, emotional or developmental struggles is a strategy often used with advanced learners, but relevant for all children.

Join filmmaker Doug Morse, (Kindergarten Shuffle)and P.A.L. founder Angelique LeDoux as we discuss these helpful and simple strategies and the benefits of bibliotherapy for young children, biography for bigger kids & film for the whole family. And come away with a clear understanding of how books and media can be a positive experience for the entire family.

Angelique LeDoux, is founder of Jade’s ToyBox, an educational and eco-friendly toy company. She is a writer and former editor for TIME for Kids Magazine. After navigating the G&T options in NYC, she made it her mission to help other parents by founding the P.A.L. Workshop Series. Angelique received a dual MA in Journalism and Fine Art from New York University, and a Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education from Rutgers.

Doug Morse is an independent filmmaker whose docudrama Kindergarten Shuffle drew from his personal experience of his son applying to kindergarten in a city where admissions are more competitive than a top university. His other film credits include: The Adulterer (Best of Fest Sarasota International Film Festival), 2000 Miles to Maine: Adventures on the Appalachian Trail, The Summoning of Everyman and The Merchant of Venice, a video adaptation of the play staged at The University of Cambridge where Doug was a Visiting Scholar. His upcoming project is an adaptation of The Jew of Malta.

Doug is a part time faculty member at The New School teaching Screenwriting and Script Analysis. He received his and his B.A. in Cinema Studies from The University of Pennsylvania and his M.F.A. in Film from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

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