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Karen and Michael Answer Questions of the Week (Audio Teleseminar Feb. 1, 2011) – Top 1% and Top 5%

Karen and Michael Answer Questions of the Week (Audio Teleseminar Feb. 1, 2011) – Top 1% and Top 5%

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - February 8th, 2011


Listen to the teleseminar above. Here are the questions answered during this 48 minute teleseminar.

  •  The private schools we are applying to have school visits where kids are separated from parents and kept for an hour or so “playdate.”  What happens during those playdates?  Can we prepare?
  • What is the curve/scoring of the OLSAT?  How many questions can a pre-K child get wrong and still score 90% on that test?
  • My daughter just fell apart at one of her private school interviews.  She cried and refused to separate from us.  She wouldn’t go into the interview room without us there even though this is for kindergarten.  We explained to the director that she his a very shy child who takes time to warm up but once she’s comfortable, she does very well.  The director said that if she couldn’t do the interview, they couldn’t consider her.  What should we do?
  • The questions on are very good and are helping my daughter a lot. We are trying to maximize our practice time before she takes the test this weekend.  Do you have any other advice for us on how to help her do better when tested.
  • Karen, I know you interviewed Dr. Kim Har on your radio show this week.  Did she give you any insights about testing that you’d like to share with our listeners tonight?
  • About the Bracken–How does NYC administer the test? if a student gets 3 questions wrong in a row, does the tester stop that topic and move on to the next one?  that is how the Bracken is generally administered, but I have never heard anyone mention that about the NYC G&T test.
  • I’m not sure about is how you sign him up for the G&T program in the school, do you do that after you get the test result? or I can go to the school now and sign him up as I’m doing for the Public school.

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