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Karen and Michael Answer Questions of the Week (Audio Teleseminar Jan. 6, 2011) – Top 1% and Top 5%

Karen and Michael Answer Questions of the Week (Audio Teleseminar Jan. 6, 2011) – Top 1% and Top 5%

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - January 8th, 2011


Listen to the teleseminar above. Here are the questions answered during this 53 minute teleseminar. Questions answered during this seminar.

  • What’s the difference between the ERB and WPPSI test? Are they the same test? I hear parents talking about the test and sometimes it sounds like the same thing but other times it doesn’t.
  • Does the proctor skip questions if she knows my child knows the material for section?
  • I was wondering if you could let me know if there are any handwriting requirements for the tests.  I plan on have my son take the OLSAT/BSRA & Stanford Binet.
  • I had a question about the results from the test. When do we receive the scores and when do we apply to schools if our child meets the cutoff?
  • Hunter Elementary in NYC Question: There are 290 kids in round two, vying for 50 spots.  So roughly a 1 in 6 chance, all things being equal.  Do you guys happen to know if Hunter Elementary selects the top 290 scores from round 1?  In other words, are the kids chosen on the SB4 criterion alone?  Or is gender a factor, too?  Do they take the top 145 girls’ scores, and the top 145 boys’ scores?  Or just the top 290 scores?
  • Hunter Elementary in NYC Question: Of course the parental observation form, and teacher observation form, must be filled out honestly and accurately, but are there specific attributes that should be emphasized for Hunter?  Are there characteristics that they turn a keen eye to (both in terms of strengths and weaknesses)?
  • If a child scores 99% on the G&T do the parents have to put NEST+M (a G&T school in NYC) down as a first choice somehow? In other words, how do you let the Dept. of Ed know that you want NEST as your first choice? Also, if the child scores 99%, is entered into the lottery, but is not selected, is there ever a way to appeal to the school directly? Calling the principal, etc?
  • I would also like to hear your  take on the Blue School (private school in NYC) and Packer Collegiate in Brooklyn. My husband is really pushing for Packer, but as I mentioned, it would be a real stretch for us to afford it so I am pushing for a good public school!
  • I do have an important question. My son has an IEP. He has language and sensory/fine motor skill issues. Should I be mentioning this to tester?
  • Are the questions on the OLSAT section of the NYC Gifted and Talented Test grouped together within the subsections (math, sequencing, analogy, etc.) just like in your OLSAT home assessment test; OR are they mixed up, i.e. the first question can be math, followed by a sequencing, analogy, and then a math question again…?
  • My son is taking the the OLSAT on Sunday.  Will the tester give her any feedback on how it went in a general way at least?
  • Our 4 year old struggles with geometric spaces. She’s getting confused on taking instructions. Any suggestions?

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